8 signs that show your male best friend has fallen in-love with...

8 signs that show your male best friend has fallen in-love with you


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Well ladies, have you ever had a best friend who is of the opposite sex and kind of have a feeling he wants more than your friendship?

You first have to be sure of what you are feeling before you know if he’s into you or not. Incase you can’t tell the signs,Heather Jensen of Binoni gives few tips on how you’ll get a little clue that your best friend has fallen for you.

  1. Always wants to partner with you: Whether you are in school, at work or even just walking down the street, if he is into you, he wants to constantly partner with you. If he is constantly asking to be your lab partner, looking for ways to become your partner on a project, he is into you. Trust me ladies, this tip is a dead give away!

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